Two New Offbeat Manga Treats For You To... Reat...?

Hi, Alleyans! It's Jim here, with my first post in a loooooong while. I had hoped to do this on the reg, but things got really busy once the store opened back up and I went back to work. So what brought me back, you ask? Well, I had the opportunity to read a couple of great books over the holiday weekend and they just inspired me to spread the word.

The first book I want to talk about is called Heterogenia Linguistico: An Introduction to Interspecies Linguistics, by Salt Seno. It's the story of Hakaba, a young linguist who, after his mentor is injured, is tasked with a one-year journey into the Netherworld to research the languages of the various creatures who live there. Guiding him on his journey is Susuki, the adorable half-werewolf daughter of his professor.

What struck me about Heterogenia Linguistico is that, at least so far, the hero is venturing into unknown lands, but it's not about a quest for glory or to defeat some monster or find some artifact. Hakaba is just out to learn about these strange cultures and expand on the professor's notes.