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Happy Mother's Day

I was sitting at home folding laundry when I remembered that today was Mother's Day. I wanted to post on Social Media yada, yada, yada, you know the rest. The first comic book Mother that popped into my brain was the unnamed main character in The Pro. Just a Mom doing what she needs to do, in her life, to survive and get the job done.

This story details the brief career of an unnamed prostitute given superhuman powers by an alien called the Viewer. The Pro reluctantly joins the League of Honor which is a parody of the Justice League, composed of the Saint, the Knight & the Squire, the Lady, the Lime, and Speedo who are a parody of Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash, respectively.

Together, the League fight an array of lackluster villains, such as The Noun and The Adverb, until the Pro’s coarse language and actions, violence, bloody retributions, and her fellating The Saint result in her being expelled from the League. The Pro rejoins them to fight a terrorist attack, flying into space holding a nuclear bomb, and facing death (more in an effort to save the life of her young child than anyone else in the vicinity).

Later editions feature an additional eight-page story entitled "The Pro Vs. The Ho" in which the Pro squares off with a 12-armed prostitute.

In the story, the Ho receives powers in much the same way that the Pro does via the alien "Viewer" that orbits the Earth in a cloaked ship. Because the Pro has superpowers, she is able to perform sex acts using superspeed. The problem arises when several of the Johns complain that by the time they relax enough to enjoy themselves, their "job" is over. The Ho then appears and confronts the Pro, who knocks her into the river and eventually saves her from drowning. Subsequently the two women get to know one another. The Ho explains that she never wanted superhuman powers, and all she ever wanted to do was work with small animals as a veterinarian. The Pro resolves to take the Ho to animal husbandry facility where she uses all 12 of her arms to "service" the animals for breeding.

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