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TKO Studios to the Rescue

TKO Studios wants to fight back.

Until the end of the Coronavirus threat,when any customer chooses a store during checkout at, TKO will send that store 50% of the purchase price,the exact same amount the store would have made selling the book via their brick-and-mortar store.


The Banks

From New York Times bestselling writer Roxane Gay (Hunger; Black Panther) and artist Ming Doyle (The Kitchen). The women of the Banks family are the most successful thieves in Chicago, but during the heist of a lifetime, they must band together to avenge a loved one taken too soon.

Eve of Extinction

The rain brought something. Something that changed the men into something inhuman. To rescue their stranded daughter, two mothers must survive the hurricane and the horrors it unleashed. Can they work together long enough to save their only child?

The 7 Deadly Sins

1867. The Wild West. A kidnapped child. A fallen priest. A deadly crew of death row criminals, led by an African American outlaw, who embark on a bloody quest of redemption and revenge to gain what they’ve searched for their entire lives: Freedom.

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