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Store Hours as of 3/20/2020

Hello friends. We've decided to shrink our hours down to:

  • Friday 12pm-6pm

  • Saturday 9am-5pm

If you cannot call or arrive before 5pm Saturday, DM us at or

You should also be able to get to both of these pages via our website. If you don't have FB or IG please text 773-587-2536 and Selene will happily go back to the store and help. Starting Sunday, March 21, We will have the front gate open but the store will be closed to the public from 12pm-5pm. There is a pick up box set up for anyone who places phone or email orders who wish to pick up. All other orders will be shipped for a small postage fee. If you live within 5 miles of AlleyCat Comics, we will also deliver your items for free after 5pm. We want to make sure EVERYONE stays safe and happy and entertained.

A rough area drawing of the area we are able to deliver to.

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