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Power Ranger Protection Program

How it works:

You come to the store to get Your “ticket” which is just your number in line. You will download the Telegram App (Must use the app)

You can wait “in line” in your cars to social distance or if it will be awhile, you can go get food or run errands etc.

One of our staff will use the app to call numbers. (For example: we will tell people that once they are 10 spots away from their number to make sure they are in their cars, etc. If they are 5 spots away from their number, then come to the door to be ready to go inside).

One or two groups at a time will come in side so we maintain social distance.

Everyone must wear masks.

Tickets will be handed out starting the day of the event and they will be available until the event ends (until the last mask standing)

1 ticket per group (family, friends)

No entry fee. Tickets are only to hold their number in line.

Autographs and pictures will be available for purchase.

Credit cards will not be accepted.

Autographs are $50 per item (you can bring your own things, purchase from us, and/or purchase from JDF), selfies are $50, and we will have a comic shop special (includes 2 signed items and 1 Selfie) for $120.

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