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New comics 5/27/20: Rogue Planet, Disaster Inc.

Welcome back, Alley-ans! It's another look at new comics! I still can't get over my excitement that they're back. Having new comics on Wednesdays again just feels so... normal.

Today, I wanted to look at a couple of new titles hitting the stands. You might be interested in them too, especially if horror is your thing. Follow at your own risk...

ROGUE PLANET (w. Cullen Bunn, a. Andy MacDonald) ONI

How do you like the way I did that fancy credit up there? Now you know who made the book before I even started talking about it. Hey, sometimes, seeing a creator's name is all the info you need to decide you want to read something. And then I put the publisher next to it too? Damn I'm good.

So, a Rogue Planet is a planet that doesn't have a star, that's just drifting off on its own. This is a book about one such planet, and a crew of astronauts on a salvage ship who follow a beacon to it in hopes of finding some riches. And they find something there that is most decidedly not riches.

The vibe is full-on Alien. The crew gets unfrozen at the beginning, and set about their work. Bunn does a good job of telling you a little about each character with a bit of dialogue and a caption telling us their job. A nice start for the first issue. Now all that's left is to watch them get picked off one by one by some cool alien mouth monster, right?

Maybe. But I have a feeling there's more going on than we've seen so far in just the first issue. We'll just have to wait and find out.

DISASTER INC. (w. Joe Harris, a. Sebastian Piriz) AFTERSHOCK

A pair of scientists are researching mutated butterflies in the region around Fukushima, Japan, where the tsunami and earthquake caused the nuclear mishap a few years back. They're about to leave when one of them gets decapitated by... a samurai ghost? A nuclear samurai? A nuclear samurai ghost?

I don't know the answer yet, but those are just the first few pages of Disaster Inc. #1. How is that for an intriguing setup?

Then we get to the meat of the story. Disaster Inc. is a shady company that takes cash paying tourists and thrill seekers to disaster sites around the world. And their latest trip is, you guessed it, Fukushima.

I really dug this book. The cast of characters are an intriguing group, running the gamut from unsymptathetic rich jerkholes to innocents that don't realize they're getting in over their heads. The main character is Abby, a woman who seems just as much a captive of Disaster Inc. as an employee. She owes them big somehow and she's working it off.

The art is cool, too. I'm realizing as I've been writing these blogs that I am actually really terrible at describing what I like about art. But I can say that I really dug the acting in this. I like comic art where characters have distinct features and expressive faces, and I was impressed by that aspect of Sebastian Piriz's work.

But what it really comes down to is, when is that NucleoSamurGeist thing going to start slicing off these poor tourists' heads? Stick around.

That'll be all for today. Are you going with the space slasher or the earth slasher? Personally, my favorite was Disaster Inc., but they're both totally worth a look.

Marvel comics came out, too! We have the long awaited new Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Marauders, Venom, and even a couple more, I think. Give us a call!

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