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Life is a Highway, and You're Gonna Build It!

Players • 2-4

Play Time • 30-50 Minutes

Game Difficulty • 1/5 | Easy

Learning Curve • Mild

Action | Dexterity | Network Building



In Tokyo Highway, players compete to place all of their cars on the road first — but to do that they have to build the roadways so that they have somewhere for their cars to go!

Over the course of the game, players construct columns of varying heights by using the 88 squat gray and yellow pillars in the box, then connect those columns with sticks that serve as roadways, with the column you create usually not being the same height as the one it's connected to. When you place a highway that passes under or over an existing highway, you get to (carefully!) place a car on that highway. Place a highway that both goes over and under other highways, and you can place two cars!

The first player to place all ten of their cars — with or without using tweezers — wins!


And that’s Tokyo Highway! The rules are pretty simple, and all the setup required is doling out the pieces to your friends. The real difficulty comes into play when you've gone and created the perfectly planned highway...and so has everyone else. Then it's all a game of steady hands and trying not to laugh as you use the little plastic tweezers to try and drop a stack of pillars in the middle of an already congested junction so you can place that final car to victory. Whether your hands are steady as a rock or shakier than a small dog that just got a bath (guilty as charged), this game is a lot of fun when you want a test of dexterity and your friends' ability to hold in their own laughter to avoid destroying their Tokyo Highway.


That's all for this month's featured game! Feel free to stop by and ask us any questions about this game, including showing a copy of the game, a snag a copy for your collection! Be sure to check back in next month for a comprehensive look at another game we think you'll vibe with.

See you later, cool cats…

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