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Star Wars AOR Campaign Episode III: The Crimson Eye Heist

A long time ago, in a comic shop very nearby...


Everything in this galaxy comes down to luck. You’ve just got to hope it’s with you and not against you when it really matters.

See, it doesn’t matter how well you cased the place, how many locals you hire for your crew, or even on a low stakes job like picking someone’s pocket on the street because luck will typically turn against you. Just like that, there’s a detail that wasn’t on the blueprints you bought, those locals are never as experienced as they claimed to be, and that person will think they forgot their Datapad and reach into their pocket while you still got your hand stuck in the pocket.

However, luck can be generous sometimes like how it got me back on the trail of that slime ball Neimoidian Dant Vizon, or should I say Dant Gunray, since that’s his real name. Dant had been on the run for decades now, having committed war crimes during The Clone Wars. Having taken away my….

The Mirialan bites her lip, clearly still hurt by the memory she’s dwelling on…

…I looked for them, for a very long time. Hell, that’s part of the reason why I became a smuggler-- so I could travel and, quite literally, be able to turn over every stone that I came across in the galaxy. The further time went on, I just came to accept what had happened, along with Dant having gotten away with it all.

But then, you my darlings…

Cronner looks out and you realize now that once again, she’s gotten the drop on you…

…you all came along and like tried and true Rebels stuck your nose in something that didn’t belong and out came Dant from his hiding place. And even better, you having maimed him, he took it personally and decide to hire “help” to take care of you all for him.

Now that’s luck.

I knew you all won’t sign on upfront, or, having bailed you darlings out more than once, wouldn’t be able to handle a long con performance like this. So yeah, I hired you on for a job we didn’t need to do so I could capture you and bring you to Dant. He and I had a score to settle and it was now or never; Dant could easily disappear again. My chance lost.

And sure, I didn’t know Dant knew who I was, that I was out to get him. I guess you ask enough questions, locals talk to everyone. After I turned you all over, his Battle Droids got the drop on me and were preparing me for execution.

I’d thought my luck had run out…

Cronner lowers her head. It’s clear to you that this next part is hard for her to say…

…but you all came and saved me. I didn’t expect it. I gave you all a way out, to escape and never look back. Most of the crews I work with typically don’t stick around after the job has been done. But since you darlings did, I was able to deal with Dant once and for all. All those lives he destroyed for so long finally got the justice they deserved. It wouldn’t have happened without you darling heroes. It’s safe to say I for sure owe you one at this point. I put you through the ringer so it’s the least I can do.

So, I’d say may the Force be with you and all that but that’s not my style…

A datachip pops out from the base of the projector. You take it to see that Cronner’s left you her contact information.

…For when you need a little extra help.

Or luck.


Fridays at AlleyCat Comics is Star Wars Game Night, where we're currently playing a homebrewed Age of Rebellion RPG campaign. On nights where we're not playing the RPG, we're playing another Fantasy Flight Star Wars game such as X-Wing, Destiny, Armada, Legion, or Rebellion.

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