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All Aboard! Next Stop: Board Game Fun!

Players • 2-5

Play Time • 45 to 60 Minutes

Game Difficulty • 2/5 | Easy

Learning Curve • Mild

Strategy | Beginner Games | Family Games



Inspired by the tale of Phileas Fogg traveling the world in 80 days, five friends meet up on October 2, 1900 and set a friendly wager: the first to travel the most railroads in America wins the million dollar jackpot!

Players take on the role of one of those millionaires racing around America’s rails with play starting with the player who is the most experienced traveler. Starting clockwise from the first player, players either draw color-coded train cards to claim routes, spend train cards to claim one of the routes on the board that matches the color of those cards, or draw more destination cards before any other player runs out of their personal pool of train cars, which signals the end of the game. The player who has gained the most victory points by claiming routes and completing the routes denoted on their destination cards wins!


And that’s all it takes to play Ticket to Ride! You will be playing this game within ten minutes of putting the box on the table, and that includes opening everything and reading the instructions. We love this game because it’s the perfect marriage of simple and accessible gameplay that allows for a million ways to win the game, ensuring no two games are the same. Ticket to Ride is also perfect for any game group. For the family game night it allows for a collective and communicative good time. For the more adult-oriented group you can really get into planning your turns in advance, hoping you are correctly outfoxing the other players. It’s also one of the most gorgeous boards for a game you’ll ever see; the game designers went above and beyond on this one to ensure it’s a visually-engaging experience, with not just colors but corresponding symbols for each type of train car for ease of use.


That's all for this month's featured game! Feel free to stop by and ask us any questions about this game, including showing a copy of the game, a snag a copy for your collection! Be sure to check back in next month for a comprehensive look at another game we think you'll vibe with.

See you later, cool cats...

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