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Star Wars Age of Rebellion Campaign Update: Rise of the Dark Troopers

A long time ago, in a comic shop very nearby...


Rebel Alliance Network ID Code [REDACTED] Accepted… Decrypt Message? – Y/N Decryption Complete… Display Message…

From: Lt. Commander Leora Station House: Polis Massa

To: Rebel High Command Copy: General Syndulla, General Rieekan

Action Report Summary:

During our Rebel Cell’s investigation of large shipments of droid parts by the Empire, they were able to track a shipment to a secret Imperial installation on Chandrila. When infiltrating the installation, the Rebel Cell uncovered the Empire is using the droid parts to build monstrous robotic soldiers codenamed “Dark Troopers”. Even when they were not fully operational, these “Dark Troopers” proved to be quite the foe and if the Empire keeps production up, we could have a major new threat to contend with. Our Rebel Cell also discovered that the “Dark Trooper” project is part of the Takin Initiative, now run under the direction of Admiral Natasia Daala. See Data Files “Tarkin, Wilhuff” and “Project Stardust” for further information.

Additionally since our last Action Report, our Rebel Cell had to deal with fallout from a previous mission. It appeared that an ex-Imperial officer by the name of Alison Troo and a Mandalorian warrior by the name of Decarth were attacking innocent civilians on Cato Neimoidia in retaliation against the Rebellion. As indicated by previous reports, see Data Files “Rebel Prison Sites” and “Train 94 Auction”, we believed Troo and Decarth to be dead. During the investigation, it was discovered that a Neimoidian by the name of Dant Vizon was out for revenge against the Rebel Cell for wounding him and outing his illegal activities and had used BX model droids to impersonate Troo and Decarth. While relations with the Cato Neimoidian government have been restored, Dant Vizon was not apprehended and remains at large. End of Message Terminate Network Connection? – Y/N Encryption Complete….

Rebel Alliance Network ID Code [REDACTED] Logged out...


Fridays at AlleyCat Comics is Star Wars Game Night, where we're currently playing a homebrewed Age of Rebellion RPG campaign. On nights where we're not playing the RPG, we're playing another Fantasy Flight Star Wars game such as X-Wing, Destiny, Armada, Legion, or Rebellion.

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