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AlleyCat Crew's Best Bets for July


Archie Meets Batman ’66 Written by Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci Art by Dan Parent, J. Bone, and Kelly Fitzpatrick Archie Comics, July 18, $3.99

Hot off of last year's Harley And Ivy Meet Betty And Veronica, Archie and DC continue to blend their properties with Archie Meets Batman ’66, a brilliant pairing that puts the Dynamic Duo of the ’60s in a world that matches the tone of the TV show from which they emerged. Jeff Parker has a deep understanding of this version of the Batman characters thanks to his work on the Batman ’66 comic, and he's working with Michael Moreci to craft a story that brings a rush of superhero drama to Riverdale. Artist Dan Parent, inker J. Bone, and colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick all have considerable experience at Archie Comics, and they beautifully blend the style of the Batman TV show with the classic Archie aesthetic. This is a perfect comic for young readers and older Batman fans that want stories with a lighter perspective, and it's always nice to revisit the stylish, silly world of this classic TV show.


Batman #50 Written by Tom King Art by Mikel Janin, David Finch, Joëlle Jones, Mitch Gerads, Rafael Albuquerque, Neal Adams, Andy Kubert, Becky Cloonan, Ty Templeton, José Luis García-López, Frank Miller, Lee Bermejo DC Comics, July 4, $4.99

**Star Of The Month** The wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle is arguably the biggest event in superhero comics this year, a union that has been decades in the making. The best moments in Tom King’s Batman run have focused on the Bat/Cat romance, and now it’s time to find out if they’ll really tie the knot or if this is just another disaster in the making for a hero that never seems to catch a break. An all-star line-up of artists joins King to celebrate this occasion, exploring the turbulent history of these two lovers while paying tribute to all the

work done by past creators. Don’t forget to pick up the

new Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones along with Batman #50,

and if you’re looking for even more King DC work,

preorder Heroes In Crisis #1, a miniseries debuting in

September that explores superhero trauma.


Euthanauts #1 Written by Tini Howard Art by Nick Robles IDW, July 18, $3.99

What happens to us when we die? Do our spirits live on in a new plane when our bodies give up? This new Black Crown series from writer Tini Howard and artist Nick Robles posits that there's a vast frontier waiting to explored after life, and a group of near-death adventurers knows how to get there. Howard's Assassinistas has been a highlight of this imprint, and she's going even more high-concept with this new series that blends metaphysical sci-fi with the high-stakes drama of characters coming to terms with their mortality. But the most exciting thing about Euthanauts is the artwork from Nick Robles, a rising star with a talent for striking imagery and atmospheric coloring that reinforces the emotions of the Howard's scripts.


Farmhand #1 By Rob Guillory Image Comics, July 11, $3.99 As the artist on Chew, Rob Guillory found the perfect balance between comedy, horror, and mystery to make the cannibal crime story immensely entertaining without losing any emotional stakes. He's showing what he can do on his own with the new Image series, Farmhand, following a farmer who grows a very unconventional crop: human organs. But there's something even more sinister lurking under the soil, and it's rising to the surface. The series has a chilling, off-kilter concept that Guillory approaches with his signature sense of humor, which helps to intensify the darkness of the story.


X-23 #1 Written by Mariko Tamaki Art by Juann Cabal and Nolan Woodard Marvel Comics, July 11, $3.99 Laura Kinney’s undergone an incredible transformation as the All-New Wolverine over the past few years, but the return of Logan means that Laura is going back to her old X-23 moniker in a new series by writer Mariko Tamaki, artist Juann Cabal, and colorist Nolan Woodard. Luckily, Laura’s holding on to the things that made her previous ongoing so great, specifically her little sister Gabby (a.k.a. Honey Badger) and their pet wolverine, Jonathan. Tamaki does her best work when she’s writing about close personal relationships, and the established family dynamic here plays to her strengths. She’ll also get to stretch her action muscles thanks to Laura and Gabby’s fighting prowess, and she’s working with an art team that knows these characters extremely well.


That's it for us today, cool cats! Don't forget to check in at the beginning of every month for our top picks, and keep an eye on the blog and our social media for exciting tidbits all month long.

See ya later, cool cats...

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