The Pride GN

The Pride GN


The Pride is a comic series about a team of all LGBTQ+ superheroes, representing a broad range of the queer community. Both contextually and metatextually focusing on improved representation and diversity for the community in the superhero format, the comic follows the formation of the team, the individual heroes' personal trials and tribulations and their conflict with a world-threatening villain that they may be the only heroes around capable of stopping. 

Join FabMan, Wolf, Twink, Bear, Angel, Frost, Muscle Mary, White Trash and Cub as they come together to face off against prejudice, the media and of course dastardly super-villains. And then follow them through further adventures as they tackle lucky thieves, bullying, revenge-killers and even a giant evil drag queen. 

The Pride brings all sorts of crazy, fun, wild superhero story adventures for anyone to enjoy.

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