Drawing Manga People and Poses

Drawing Manga People and Poses


Author: Ryo Hirata


Take everyday poses and make them extraordinary!

Learn to draw people in a variety of different poses with Drawing Manga People and Poses. Lessons begin with the basics--drawing from photos, vantage points, people and objects. Once you've got the basics covered, you'll follow along with step by steps and find tips and advice for "everyday," "around the house" and "at work and play" poses. All in all, you'll find more than 800 poses to emulate and make your own!

Drawing Manga People and Poses also includes helpful Q & A sections, covering subjects like drawing from reference materials, understanding skeletal and muscular anatomy, drawing cartoons and how to know when a project is finished.

Learn to draw:

   • Important basic drawing lessons, including scaling, dimension, perspective and more
   • Lessons and samples for drawing poses from everyday life, like texting, opening a wallet and eating
   • Around-the-house poses such as opening doors and windows, getting dressed and cleaning
   • At work and play poses including using a computer, taking photos, stretching and playing video games

With more than 800 poses, you're well on your way to creating any character you can imagine!