Craft your Hero. Cast the Runes. Claim your Destiny!

Call to Adventure is a Hero-building Game where players craft their heroes by acquiring traits and abilities, facing challenges, gaining allies, and vanquishing foes. While each hero will have an epic story, only one will win: the player with the most Destiny points!


Infinitely expandable, Call to Adventure takes players on a journey into the fantasy stories they’ve grown up with and love.

Each Player Begins with a Different Origin, Motivation, and Destiny.


Your hero's story begins with their Character cards: an Origins, Motivation, and Destiny. Your Character Cards give you starting abilities, special powers, and most importantly, your Destiny tells you how you'll score your game.

Craft your Hero's Story by Facing Challenges and Acquiring Traits


Box Contents


  • 45 Character cards
  • 91 Story Cards
  • 44 Hero and AntiHero Cards


And everything else you need to play:

4 player boards, 24 custom acrylic runes, 40 experience tokens, 11 Adversary Quests, and a full color rulebook!


Craft your hero!

Acquiring Traits!

Is your hero a troubled orphan, or strangely supernatural. You decide!

Face Challenges!

Each turn you have the chance to face a new Challenge? Will your hero train to become a thief, or an assassin. Pick your path and roll the runes to see if you succeed!